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T-16H, T-16S and T-10

The 1973 Homelite lawn & garden tractors. Three rugged, powerful, handsome machines. Homelite T-16H, T-16S and T-10, more horse­power, balanced engines, greater job handling capabilities with more attachments. 42” or 48” triple rotary mower decks. Homelite no-scalp mower decks attach to the tractor front axle, not to the chassis. So that they follow the con­tour of the lawn and float over dips and ridges to prevent grounding and scalping.

Top of the line T-16H has hydrostatic drive which lets you go from any speed forward to any speed reverse using just one lever.. . and without shifting. Comes with electric lift as standard equipment. Homelite T-16S with unique shuttle transmission is both simple and convenient. This single lever control lets you go smoothly from full forward to full reverse in any one of four pre selected gears . . . without using the clutch. The HomeliteT-10 has a two speed selector coupled with a three speed forward and one reverse, gear box to give you 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Each transmission lets you match your tractor speed to the specific job conditions. Front and rear, engine driven P.T.O.’s make for maximum attachment usage. No separate engines to fool with.

Choose from over 30 different attachments that make these tractors year-round yard-care job handlers. Rototiller, snow thrower, sweeper, revitalizer, roller, ‘dozer or cart make yard care easy. All Homelite attachments are quick and simple to fit; unlike most of our competitors we use quick-pins to secure our attachments rather than clumsy, awkward nuts and bolts. And to keep the sun off your head in summer and the snow off your back in winter we have tractor cabs.

All Homelite tractors meet or exceed all A.N.S.I. safety standards. Our mower decks ex­tender chutes deflect thrown objects down to reduce the danger of injury and damage. Our ignition interlock system prevents accidental starting when the transmission or attachments are engaged. At Homelite we believe that safety should be built in, not added on. For year round• working under the most strenuous conditions, there’s no substitute for Homelite lawn & garden tractors.


[Source:  1973 Homelite brochure, publication 53GB552, courtesy of Sam Ericson]



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