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600 series garden tractors . . . all new, plus a zip-sized 10 h.p.

Check their references . . . ours say "garden tractor"-- 8 or 10 H.P. garden tractor. Which means these yardpower beauties outclass their classes because they do a lot more than mow. They handle front, center and rear PTO driven attachments. You can push things around with a front-mounted blade or blower . . . have an ideal over center view of grading or mowing . . . take pull-type soil working tools through a whole plot of crop ground in fast time. Comfort, convenience, control . . . it's all there from steer to stern . . . from top to tread.

Ride one. These true tractors have some great moments to offer.

610_tractor.jpg (39985 bytes)
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10 H.P. Briggs & Stratton synchro-balanced engine; electric start; interlock safety start system; center PTO; manual lift: drawbar; tilt-up hood; brakes; beadlock wheel rims; fuel gauge; ammeter; contour seat; 3-speed gear drive; belt clutch; 20x8.00x10 tires - rear; 5:30/4.50-6 front; limited slip differential; low-tone muffler.

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flotation_tires.jpg (62278 bytes)

FLOTATION TIRES . . . 600  Series tractors have big, soft feet to step lightly on your lawn- even after recent rain. You make tight turns without tire grab and scarring.

pto.jpg (57583 bytes)

PTO . . . manage all the snow, grass or garden soil any 8 or 10 H.P. tractor should have to face. Full PTO availability for front, center and rear mounted attachments.

transmission.jpg (55990 bytes)

TRANSMISSION . . . not general purpose add-on units. Gears are precision cut and mated. They run smooth in a gear case that can take all of the rough starts and stops you can dish out.

frame.jpg (81722 bytes)

FRAME . . . pivots so front axle follows lawn contours and crowns. Center positioned mower attaches to front axle . . . follows axle up and over high spots without scalping or ridging.

seat.jpg (47486 bytes)

FOAM SEAT . . . you ride in comfort on a dense molded foam seat, adjustable to three positions to suit your reach and comfort. One-piece seat deck gives you a full-width fender style enclosure.

608_deck.jpg (42407 bytes)
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8 H.P. Briggs & Stratton air-cooled engine; electric start; interlock safety system; center and rear PTO; manual lift; drawbar; tilt-up hood; brakes: beadlock wheel rims; fuel gauge; ammeter; 3-position seat; 3-speed gear transmission; belt clutch; 9:50x 8 tires; limited slip differential; low-tone muffler.

[Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]




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