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Work your land or lawn your way . . .

Work your soil, mow, move dirt or snow any of several ways.., load, cultivate, harrow . . . the 720 does so much your way, you'd think it was designed for you alone.

Making big tractors naturally directs us toward broad power utility. With matched attachments to handle a lot of work situations, the 720 makes your power-plan a workable, solid investment.

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FRONT-END LOADER/DOZER  . . . lifts 650 lb. payload up and over most truck sides . . . 66-1/2" clearance with bucket dumped.  Independent hydraulic system PTO driven . . . two way rams.  Full float position.  Fast installation. 40" and 48" material buckets, 40" tine fork, pallet fork, boom lift, 48" and 60" hydraulically angled blades, ballast box.  Left hand control frees your right hand for hydrostatic action.  It's the practical rig for short turn backfilling and leveling around housing project foundations . . . for contract lawn maintenance . . . primary or back-up power as the job demands.

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57" SICKLE BAR MOWER . . . cuts above and below horizontal to clear heavy grass and weed growth from ditch slopes to overgrown fallow land. Automatic breakaway release.

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60" ROTARY MOWER . . . attaches up front, tilts with the axle m up, down, side-to-side, Full width rear rollers and short tractor wheelbase practically eliminate crown scalping. Deep deck mixes clippings with large volume of air for a good discharge pattern, far less thatch build-up.

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FRONT MOUNTED 52" SNOW THROWER . . . cuts and clears heavy, wet snow in a breeze, chops through glaze and delivers the flow welt over banks and hedgerows. Recessed scraper bar exposes more auger action. 260 motorized spout swivel. Adjustable skid shoes to let you skim over gravel.
48" REAR MOUNTED ROTARY MOWER . . . cuts through light brush, thick grass and golf-course rough . . . trims unlandscaped lots, along roadways, down fence rows and borders. Hinged blade. One to eight inch height adjustment.

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60" SNOW PLOW AND DOZER BLADE . . . pushes wet, heavy snow around like a load of basketballs . . . moves loose dirt, sand and gravel at fast speeds. Skims over rough surfaces on adjustable skid shoes.  Angles left or right controlled from tractor seat. Reversible and replaceable wear plate. Spring breakaway release. Raises and lowers with a two-way hydraulic ram.

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60" REAR-MOUNTED FULL-WIDTH CULTIVATOR . . . works both sides of the row for aeration and water absorption.  Turns over weeds and grasses to clean the middles.  Fully adjustable to suit varying crop row spacing.  15" crop clearance. Reversible double spear-point shovels.  Unit is 3-point hitch mounted.

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60" GRADER BLADE . . . takes a right or left angle in spreading road gravel or topsoil. Reversible blade lets you back into backfill jobs for maximum traction.  Turn it over to build terraces and general landscaping. 

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12" MOLDBOARD PLOW . . . turns over sod, buries field and garden trash.  Leaves a rough surface that slows down wind erosion and water runoff.  11'' rolling coulter adjustable gauge wheel for depth.

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48" ROTARY TILLER . . . prepares ideal seedbeds . . . lifts, blends and mixes garden trash and soil for a fine, well-ventilated structure that gives crops and flowers a fast start.  Enclosed ends and floating tailgate keep the action inside the housing

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[Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]




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