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Rear Lift
Hub Caps
Head Lights
Single Point Hitch
Front Wheel Weights
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Rear Wheel Weights
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Rear Work Light
Electric Lift
Low Speed Kit
Dual Lift Lever

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. . . easy add-on's that add on workability

You may want more convenience . . . or more yardpower for special conditions, more workpower for attachment control. We have some answers . . . shown here to help you plan a power-plan for all of the things you want to do around the house this year . . . and next.

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712s_hubcaps.jpg (36619 bytes)

REAR LIFT . . . a mounted attachment requirement. An option because it fits so many separate implements.

See more information.

CHROME HUB CAPS . . . put some sparkle on your sides, a nice reflection on your lawn.

See more information.

early_headlights.jpg (36666 bytes)

HEADLIGHTS . . . dual, high intensity headlights if you have something to do late. 

See more information.

SINGLE POINT SLEEVE HITCH . . . attaches to regular drawbar and rear lift for hook-ups to implements meeting ASAE one point hitch standards.

See more information.

rear_lift.jpg (43326 bytes)

FRONT WHEEL WEIGHTS . . . Improve balance when attachment weight or working pressure changes distribution.

See more information.

OPERATOR'S CAB . . . great when weather gets in the way of what needs doing . . . hot, cold, rainy or windy.

See more information.

soft_cab.jpg (47249 bytes)

REAR WHEEL WEIGHTS . . . add on pounds for more muscle or heavier jobs.

See more information.

TIRE CHAINS . . . to improve traction wherever ground and surface conditions put you in a spin.

See more information.

work_light.jpg (48210 bytes)

REAR WORK LIGHT . . . throw some light on your work when garden chores keep you up at night.

See more information.

HOURMETER . . . tells you when it's maintenance time . . . and hours on any job.

See more information.

hour_meter.jpg (21794 bytes)

electric+lift.jpg (11885 bytes)

ELECTRIC LIFT . . . takes only a flip of the dash mounted toggle switch to raise and lower attachments.

See more information.

Not shown:

Low Speed Kit

Dual Lift Lever


[Source: AC brochure, Building big ones has made our small ones better, 1974]




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