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Specifications: AC Model 816 Garden Tractor, Mfg # 1690437


Make: Briggs & Stratton
Model No.: 401707
Type: 0 132-01
Horsepower: 16 @ 3600 RPM (12 kW)
Cycles: 4
Cylinders: 2
Bore: 3.44" (87 mm)
Strokes: 2.16" (55 mm)
Displacement: 40 Cu. In. (656 cm3)
Crankshaft: Vertical

Electrical System: Dual Circuit Alternator, D.C. Charging Circuit, A.C. Light Circuit 12 Volt - 39 amp hr. Auto Battery, Dust Proof Breaker Enclosure Under Flywheel.

12 Volt Gear Drive

Type: Mechanical, Adjustable, running in oil
Range: 1750 to 3400 RPM (Approx.)

Air Cleaner: Sealed Joint Housing
Element: Dual - H.D. Paper & Oiled Foam

Crankcase: Ventilated through Air Cleaner-Gear Impeller

System 3-1/2 pints (1.66 liters)

Fuel Tank:
Material: Non-Corrosive Polyethylene          Capacity: 2.2 Gallons (8.3 liters)

Muffler: Quiet Compact, Low Back Pressure


Type: All Spur Gear, Running in Oil Bath

         Gears: Heat Treated
         Shafts: Hardened and Ground
         Bearings: Needle Type Roller Bearing on Shafts

Lubrication: Multi-Purpose Oil: 38 ounces (1.2 liters)

Speeds: Three Forward, One Reverse

Speeds @ 3400 RPM:
         Low: 1.1 MPH 0.8 km/h)
Second: 2.8 MPH (4.5 km/h)
Third: 4.4 MPH (7 km/h)
Reverse: 2.8 MPH (4.5 km/h)

Differential: All Gear, Controlled Traction Type


Frame: Heavy Gauge Steel Channel

Power Take-Off Points: Front& Rear
Engine Mounting:
Above Front Axle
Pivot Point Location: Front Axle

Rear Wheels: 20 x 10.00-10 Turf Type
Pneumatic Infla. Pressure. 7 PSI (48 kPa)

Front Wheels: Tire Size: 15 x 6.00-6 Pneumatic Infla. Pressure: 14 PSI (97 kPa) kPa)

Accessibility: Hood Tips Forward, Seat Tips Rearward

Seat Type: Bucket, High Back
Adjustable to Suit Different Size Operators

Turning Radius: Inside Rear Tire: 24" (610 mm)


Steering: Full Circle Steering Wheel
Gear and Sector

Clutch-Brake Pedal: 

         Location: Right Front
Clutch: Soft Action, Touch-O-Matic V-Belt
Brake: External Band Type
Parking Brake Lock, Foot Engaged


Implement Lift Lever: Right Side
Power Take-off Clutch Lever:
Left Side
Gear Selector: Front Center of Seat
On Instrument Panel: Ignition Key Switch
Light Switch
Throttle Lever
Choke Control Knob
Separate Indicator
Lights for Safety Interlock Switches

Parking Brake Lock: On Clutch-Brake Pedal


Overall Length: 66.5" 0.69 m)

Overall Width: 35.5" (901 mm)

To top of Steering Wheel: 40"(1016mm)     
To top of Engine Cover: 34.5" (876 mm)

Wheel Base: 48.2" (1.22 m)

Shipping   Weight w/Mower (approx.):

Tractor w/48" - Mower - 671 lbs. (305 kg)
Base Tractor w/o Mower 430 lb. (195 kg)


Effective Cutting Width: 48" 0 219 mm)

Overall Width w/Deflector: 63" (1.6 m)

Weight: 121 lbs. (54.9 kg)

Variable Cutting Ht.: 1-1/2 to 3-1/2" (38 to 89 mm)

Blade Arrangement: Three Staggered Blades

Mower Drive: V-Belt from Tractor PTO Pulley

Spindle Bearings: Lubricated & Sealed Ball Bearings





Allis-Chalmers reserves the right to make changes in the above specifications or to add improvements at any time without notice or obligation.


Source:  Operator's Manual, Model 816 GT, Part # 1666090, March 1979




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