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the jillion job tractor
you can own with pride

The B-10 is an all-around garden and lawn tractor that leaves all the joy in your outdoor work. You can whiz through the tough jobs in a fraction of the time they would take with smaller units.

The B-10 was built with your comfort, convenience and satisfaction in mind.  The seat, back and arm rests are padded with a full two inches of foam rubber.  The seat is also mounted on one-and-one-half inch rubber blocks to maintain maximum riding comfort. Controls are handy and easy to get at.  Extra implements go on and off in a breeze . . . operate with ease from the seat.

There is no idle season for the B-10.  In spring the tilling attachments let you plan the biggest landscaping jobs.  Summertime will find your B-10 keeping your lawn and garden the envy of the neighborhood.  In the fall you'll whisk up leaves and clean up the yard in no time at all.  And winter snow problems will be a thing of the past with your B-10 handling the job.  The B-10 gives you quality and performance features not available on most other garden tractors.

[Source:  Brochure, Allis-Chalmers B-10/B-12 Lawn and Garden Tractors, OPE-1000, Oct 66]

  New Styling B-10

An eye appealing tractor with built-in quality and durability.  Engine and final drive housings are painted black contrasting with the baked yellow enamel sheet metal.  The dashboard and wheel rims are white enamel.  A new decal with a bumblebee on the side panels identifies the B-10 model.  A new model designation plate is mounted on the grille. The center of the steering wheel is dressed up with a chrome cap bearing the Allis-Chalmers trademark.

The same comfortable foam-padded seat with arm rests is used but boasts a higher back rest for added comfort. Four rubber shocks mount the seat to the final drive cover, and the seat and cover hinge up for easy access. 23 x 8:50 x 12 rear terra tires provide flotation. A new heavier front axle and spindles are supported by 4.80 x 8:00 front tires. Steering ratio is now 5.1 to 1 for ease and safety control of the tractor.  A Briggs & Stratton 10-hp engine built to A-C specifications powers the tractor.

[Source: Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Dealer Product Information, OPE-2008, Jan 67, courtesy of Del Allen]



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