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This powerful new version of the "jillion job" tractor is your best choice when the going is likely to get tough. Its big Briggs & Stratton engine, built to Allis-Chalmers specifications, will make you wonder how a single-cylinder engine can run so smoothly. Exclusive "Synchro-Balance" design has made it possible.

You'll like the instant response of the dual spring governor over the entire speed range-from idle to full throttle. It enables the tractor to ease up to an overload, instantly pour on the power and hum through it without a shudder.

You'll like the many comfort features of the B-12, too. The seat is well padded and bucket shaped to give you extra support that will be especially welcome on steep hillsides or rough terrain.

Large 16-6.50 x 8" front tires and 23-8.50 x 12" rear tires . . .  add still further to riding comfort. They also provide excellent flotation and reduce compaction.

You can own the B-12 with pride and confidence.  It's from the tractor people who make the big ones.

[Source:  Brochure, Allis-Chalmers B-10/B-12 Lawn and Garden Tractors, courtesy of Mark Waite & Joel Wicker, University Lawn Equipment, Pontiac, MI.]

  New B-12 Tractor 

The new B-12 Tractor incorporates all the styling, appointments and quality of the new Model B-10 with the following additional features:

Large 16 - 6:50 x 8 front terra tires, a contoured padded seat with back and arm rests, new black steering wheel and an all-new 12-bp engine built to A-C specifications. The B-12 is identified by a plate on the grille bearing the designation "B-12" and the new bumblebee decal on the side panels.

[Source: Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Riding Tractors and Implements Product Information, OPE-1012, Jan 67, courtesy of Del Allen]




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