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Specifications:  AC Model B-12 Tractor
Engine Briggs & Stratton, Model 300421   Speeds –Standard Drive  
Type 4 cycle air cooled   First gear 2 MPH
Horsepower 12   Second gear 3-3/4 MPH
Bore and Stroke 3-1/16” X 3-7/16”   Third gear 6 MPH
Displacement 30.16 cubic inches   Speeds – Optional Hi – Lo Drive   
RPM 3600 max, full load   First gear Hi 1.5 MPH
Lo .8 MPH
Air cleaner Oil foam   Second gear Hi 3.5 MPH
Lo 1.3 MPH
Starter Electric & manual   Third gear Hi 6.0 MPH
Lo 2.2 MPH
Governor Mechanical (flyweight)   Reverse Hi 3.0 MPH
Lo 1.1 MPH
Electrical system 12 volt, combination starter-generator   Dimensions  
Ignition Magneto   Height (at steering wheel) 37-1/4”
Transmission Sliding spur gear and spiral bevel gear.  Three speeds forward and one reverse with standard drive.   Height (at hood line) 33-3/8”
  Six speeds forward and two reverse with optional Hi-Lo range pulley.   Width 34-1/4”
Differential Planetary gear with controlled traction.   Length 68”
          Wheel tread 26”
Tire Pressures     Wheel base 44”
Rear (Standard Tractor) 8 PSI   Clearance (differential) 6”
Front (Standard Tractor) 12 PSI   Clearance (drawbar) 7”
Rear (With Loader) 20 PSI   Clearance (center housing) 15-1/4”
Front (With Loader) 14 PSI   Clearance (front axle) 9”
Rear (With Forklift) 20 PSI   Capacities  
Front (With Forklift) 20 PSI   Engine case 4 pints
      Fuel tank 6 quarts
Battery Allis Chalmers 40 ampere hour, 12 volt   Transmission 1-1/2 quarts, SAE 90 oil
Shipping Weight Approximately 680 pounds   Bevel gear housing 1 pint, SAE 90 oil

Source:  AC Service Manual, B SERIES TRACTORS, Part No 9003453, February 1976




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