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Handle Two Implements at Once

Standard "easy lift" lever or hydraulic control on the left side of tractor handles any front, center or rear-mounted implement with ease.  Add the optional lift lever on the right and you can handle a second implement at the same time.
Fast, Easy Hook-Ups

The wide range of implements available is easy and quick to attach . . . without tools.  You don't have to be a mechanic to get the most from your "Bee" attachments.
Attachment Versatility

Three power take-off points -- front, center and rear -- make it easier to attach implements at ally point.  Whether it's snow removal, mowing or gardening, you can handle each job without extra engines.

** An exclusive feature is the three-power take off points Front, Center and Rear. All may be operated independently or simultaneously. The front PTO is driven directly from the engine shaft, at engine rpm. The center and rear PTO's are driven from the gear reduction box (bevel gear housing) forward of the final drive. PTO and clutch speeds are not affected by varying ground speeds of tractor.

Controlled Traction

In greasy going, a spur gear differential automatically  transfers power from the wheel that slips to the wheel that grips . . . enables the tractor to pull through spots where others would stand and spin.

**  Controlled traction is the automatic transfer of power from one rear wheel to the other when traction is lost by a wheel on slippery surfaces.

** A single short heat-treated belt clutch engaged by a floating idler is driven by a split pulley. The split pulley design allows smooth starts by providing slippage until fully engaged.

Big Rear Tires

Smooth riding is assured by the big pneumatic rear tires.  Equally important, their large ground contact area provides excellent flotation and a minimum of compaction in soft footing.

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