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"Synchro-Balanced" Design

Counter rotating counter-balancing weights on the B-12 engine's crankshaft reduce vertical vibration by 60 percent and horizontal Vibration as much as 85 percent compared to in engine of conventional design. This provides a "multi-cylinder"  smoothness never before achieved in an industrial single cylinder engine . .  . smoothness that, not only adds greatly to rider comfort, but prolongs machine and equipment life.
"Easy Spin" Starting

A unique cam design reduces the required starting effort by 50 percent.  The cam bleeds off compression at starting speeds, yet has no effect on the full rated power of the engine at running speeds. There are no moving parts ... nothing to get out of' adjustment -- ever.
Responsive Power at all Speeds

With this exclusive dual spring governor Me make seems to anticipate sudden loads and is ready for them when they hit. Even when operating at low RPM, the engine responds instantly to a demand for more power.
Easy Access to Engine

Just remove four thumb screws and lift. Me hood off to expose the entire engine, gas tank and battery.  Screws hold the hood in place securely  -- eliminates rattles.
No Fuel Guessing

The easy-to-see fuel gauge on the gas cap tells you exactly how much fuel you have.  No more guesswork or dangerous cap removal when the engine is hot . . .  and you don't have to lift the hood to refuel.

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