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[Source: A-C Catalog, B-112 B-110 lawn and garden tractors, OPE-1047/681, 1968, courtesy of Dave Christensen]




This customer brochure information has been expanded by adding dealer product information, as noted by this different color.  This dealer sales information, while sometimes redundant, also adds valuable detail that has helped define the evolution of these tractors.  Some key differences in these all-new models:
Totally redesigned body style and sheet metal, to intentionally capture "the big-tractor" look.
New body style includes one-piece rear fenders and seat pan, a console atop the hood, and more-enclosed body side panels.
New "wavy" grille material and a new triangular, 3-D A-C logo in the grille.
New "Vari-Shift" variable speed drive system on the B-112.
Wheelbase on B-112 extended from 44" to 48" to accommodate this new variable speed drive system.
New, round steering wheel replaces the older "cutaway" style.  Black is the only color steering wheel now available.
Push-pull knobs replace levers for choke and throttle controls.
The all-black "high-back" seat style unique to the B-12 is discontinued.  Both B-110 and B-112 now share the black and white "armchair" seat style. 
Seat mounting frame has been redesigned and the seatback is widened.

**[Source: Allis Chalmers Outdoor Power Equipment, Riding Tractors and Implements Product Information, OPE-1041, exact date unknown, courtesy of Del Allen.]

Note:  I have retained "drill-down" specifications from yet other sources in this section to provide more comprehensive information.



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