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This 46-in, sickle bar levels tough weeds and saplings at the rate of up to 2 acres per hour.  Mows from a near vertical to 40 degrees below horizontal. Heavy-duty design and construction assure many seasons of efficient operation. sickle_lg.jpg (26333 bytes)
Tough 32-in. rotary tiller does many things well.  Attached to the rear power center, it can prepare seedbeds, further break down and level plowed soil and even do a good job of weeding and cultivating in wide-row plantings. Self-sharpening tines.  Width can be extended to 42-in. by adding a set of extension tines. tiller_lg.jpg (27013 bytes)
You'll find 101 odd jobs for the dump cart, designed to haul a half-ton load. Balanced for easy dumping and equipped with a trip-latch mechanism, the heavy-gauge steel unit performs smoothly on roller bearing wheels with pneumatic tires.  Mounted on the front of the tractor is an angle-type snow and dozer blade for grading and cleanup work. cart_lg.jpg (18857 bytes)
Center-mounted 42-in. grader blade is ideal for landscaping and maintaining driveways. Blade can be angled right or left.  Floats with contour of land or can be set in several positions. High carbon steel blade is reversible for long life. grader_lg.jpg (29466 bytes)
Big 36-in. rotary snow thrower cleans driveways and sidewalks with ease.  Wades right into 4-foot drifts and throws snow 20 ft. in any direction.  Adjustable skid shoes allow plowing over uneven surfaces.  Rugged . . takes years of punishment. snowthrower_lg.jpg (21506 bytes)

[Source: Scan of B-1 sales brochure, date unknown, courtesy of Karl Brandt, webmaster of the Vintage Garden Tractor Page]




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