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How Bosworth makes the 8:04

Smart lad, Bosworth. Mavis recalls how he gently took her old snow shovel from her and pressed into her palm the key to her shining B-10 tractor. "It clears a path a full yard wide," he whispered.

"Darling, you shouldn't have!" Mavis protested. "But now I'll have time to prepare breakfast as you like it -- the grapefruit with scalloped edges, the eggs Benedict -- won't it be simply divine''

Bosworth knows a great name when he sees one. So he chose a B-10 tractor by Allis-Chalmers -the people who build the big tractors and the new SNO-BEE (Mavis could almost as easily trot behind this new self-propelled SNO-BEE, opening a 26-inch path as she goes, but Bosworth deals in split seconds.)

How long since you were as thoughtful of your wife? Try a little tenderness -- send in the coupon right new!

[Source: AC Ad, Popular Science, 1964, courtesy of Fred Weaver]



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