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new BIG TEN styling gives you more . . . 


Big power helps the BIG TEN handle the toughest jobs, day-in, day-out. The husky, 10-horsepower engine has the power reserve needed for the extra years service you expect from a leader. And, you get those "little niceties" from Allis-Chalmers that turn out to be more important than you realized . . . Like "EasySpin" starting and the 12-volt electrical system. You get starting and operating protection, too. The BIG TEN engine operates on its reserve magneto electrical system in the event of battery or starting system failure. After starting the engine, the combination "starter-generator" functions as a generator and keeps the battery fully charged.


Big power combines with other features, such as extra-wide tires, "full traction drive," and the combination clutch and brake to make the BIG TEN top performer among garden tractors. Controls are convenient, easy and responsive. Implements and attachments hook up quickly. You can tackle tall, tough grass with the 42" rotary mower, or five-gang reel mowers, and be sure of professional results. The rotary mower cuts more than two acres per hour; the gang mowers nearly six acres per hour.

Optional, two-speed pulley kit gives you finer control of speeds for different jobs . . . six forward and two reverse speeds, instead of the standard three forward and one reverse. It's particularly helpful for use with the snow blower, tiller, and front dozer blade where different speed settings are important.

comfort and convenience

The BIG TEN'S wide, thick, foam rubber seat and cushioned back and arm rests let you work in comfort for hours. Plenty of knee room, too, under the high clearance, crescent-shaped steering wheel. The three implement attachment locations are in full view; you always see what you're doing. "Easy-lift" implement control lets anyone in the family handle implements with ease while seated. Implements are easily attached and adjusted.

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[Source:  Allis-Chalmers Lawn and Garden brochure, Big New Style for the New Big Ten Tractor, Form  LG-143, June 1964, courtesy of Sam Erickson]



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