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new BIG TEN styling highlights year around versatility

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32-inch or 42-inch Rotary Mowers

Mow up to 2 acres an hour. Front axle mounted can't scalp lawn. Adjusts easily from 1-5/8 to 3-1/8 inch cutting height. Cuts to within 5/8 inch on either side for mowing close to buildings.

mower.jpg (47443 bytes)

36-inch Rotary Snow Thrower

One piece. non-clogging auger cuts a path through the deepest snow. Throws a ton of snow a minute. Mounted to front axle of tractor so it conforms to uneven terrain.

snowthower2.jpg (24995 bytes)

Half Ton Dump Cart 

Rubber tires won't mark lawn. Reinforced steel body. Dumps easily. empties completely. The ideal way to transport seed, fertilizer, garden tools, soil. Box is 26 x 39 inches.

cart.jpg (32773 bytes)

Vacuum Collector 

Throw away your rake.  Vacuum collector picks up leaves, cuttings, and twigs . . . then deposits them in the dump cart for easy transporting. No raking, lifting or carrying.

vacuum.jpg (33133 bytes)

Mobile Generator 

Operates electrical power equipment where outlets are not available. Alternating current, 115 volts, 113 amps. Generates 1500 watts at 60 cycles.

generator.jpg (34639 bytes)

Snow Plow, Dozer Blade 

The year-around tool. Clear snow, level top soil, grade gravel driveways. Runners at bottom guide blade. 46-inch and 42-Inch blades available. Adjustable height.

snow_dozer.jpg (52570 bytes)

Sickle Bar Mower 

Works well in rough terrain and on steep slopes. Has spring trip mechanism so bar swings back when it hits an obstruction, no dismounting to recouple. 46 inches long.

sickle_bar.jpg (36391 bytes)

[Source:  Allis-Chalmers Lawn and Garden brochure, Big New Style for the New Big Ten Tractor, Form  LG-143, June 1964, courtesy of Sam Erickson]



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