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Competitive Comparisons

Compare Allis-Chalmers garden tractors to the competition and see what  features you could get for the money, based upon 1964 B-10 sales literature . . .

Compare AC B-10 (early) to Bolens
Compare AC B-10 (early) to International Harvester Cub Cadets 
Compare AC B-10 (early) to Jacobsen
Compare AC B-10 (early) to Wheel Horse 
Compare AC B-10 (early) to Massey Ferguson and John Deere 

Exclusive Allis-Chalmers Features

Check these exclusive features of Allis-Chalmers garden tractors, according to a 1965 dealer sales training program that introduced the

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An exclusive feature of the BIG TEN is the combination gas cap - fuel gauge.  Note that the gas cap has markings from "E" to "F", and is visible from the driver's seat.  This means he can easily tell how much fuel is in the tank.  The BIG TEN is the only lawn and garden tractor on the market to have a combination gas cap -fuel gauge.  Thus, the BIG TEN is the only tractor of its type that allows filling of the tank without having to lift the hood.

fuel_guage.jpg (33134 bytes)

Another BIG TEN exclusive is the second lift lever, which can be located on the driver's right.  With this optional equipment, two separate implements may be used at the same time, or both can remain attached while only one is being used.  On the other hand with the standard single lift lever, only one implement can be controlled at a time. 

dual_lift2.jpg (60773 bytes)

dual_lift.jpg (42296 bytes)

Not only is the BIG TEN built for rugged duty, but in the design of the tractor, operator comfort is a prime consideration. For instance, the driver's seat is padded with a thick two inches of foam rubber, attractively upholstered. Add to this the arm rests and a back rest mounted in a comfortable position, and you have a set of features exclusive with the BIG TEN. These are not options, but are standard features, and contribute greatly to the accomplishment of lawn and garden chores with maximum driver comfort.  Other tractors offer a seat pad as an optional item.  On the BIG TEN however, the seat, arm and back rests are standard features.

seat.jpg (31545 bytes)

The BIG TEN's powerful 10 horsepower air-cooled engine is made by a manufacturer whose engines have long been known for dependability, Briggs & Stratton. With a new mechanical governor equipped with EXCLUSIVE duo-range governor spring control, this engine delivers full power at every throttle setting.  On other engines not so equipped with such a duo-range governor, operation of the governor does not take effect until a fairly high engine speed has been reached.  At low speeds the governor is not operative; hence the engine can stall.  The exclusive duo-range governor spring control allows the Briggs & Stratton engine on the BIG TEN to deliver full power at every throttle setting -- even at very low RPM's.

governor.jpg (24183 bytes)

The BIG TEN's 10 horsepower engine is air cooled. Further cooling is achieved by the use of a rotating screen on the intake (see arrow). This is another exclusive BIG TEN feature.  The rotating screen on the air intake is connected to the shaft on which the fan is mounted.  There is a small clearance between the outer edge of the screen and the housing.  This allows the screen to rotate, and this rotation prevents dust, clippings, etc. from clogging the screen by throwing such foreign matter to the ground as fast as it collects.  If the screen were badly clogged, the air flow through it would be badly restricted, and the engine could overheat. 

fan_screen.jpg (17177 bytes)

Coupled with the 10 H.P. engine is an exclusive electric starter-magneto combination. Should the battery be unable to provide power for starting and operating the tractor (this rarely happens except perhaps after a winter of non-use) the magneto takes over (in the same way that a gasoline power mower operates). Once started, the battery recharges during operation. Usually only in very cold weather, however, does this situation arise.

generator.jpg (42411 bytes)

The BIG TEN's belt clutch with its very short belt and exclusive split pulley design allows slippage, just as in automotive clutches. This helps to eliminate jerky starts. 

split_pulley.jpg (28223 bytes)


[Source:  Allis-Chalmers Dealer Sales Training, GETTING TO KNOW THE BIG TEN, 1965.]




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