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with your lawn LOOKS are everything

8 hp 

Smaller lawn? You need a smaller tractor.  But it doesn't have to be any less a tractor.  Not with Allis-Chalmers.  There's the same safety features as on the bigger 400 series. Plus center mounted mower for mowing without scalping.., big high flotation tires . . . and much more . . . even a rear PTO for rotary tilling.

7 hp 

This smallest member of the Allis-Chalmers line is quite a tractor . . . not just a riding mower with tractor sheet metal.  You still get big machine features like electric starting . . . clearly marked standardized controls with interlocks to prevent starting while transmission or PTO is engaged.

40 Grader Blade (8 hp) 
Vacuum Collector (8 hp) 
30 Tiller (8 hp) 
36 Three Blade Mower (8 hp) 
30 Single Blade Mower 
Dump Cart 
26 Lawn Revitalizer (8 hp) 
36 Dozer Blade 
42 Dozer Blade (8 hp) 
32 Rotary Snow Thrower (8 hp) 
31 Lawn Sweeper 
optional equipment 
Rear Wheel Weights 
  Tire Chains

Hub Caps 
Rear Frame Weight 
Light Kits

h_deck.jpg (32950 bytes)

Big 36" three-blade mower makes quick work of cutting. . . attaches to front axle for smooth, scalp-free mowing.

h_snowthrower.jpg (24889 bytes)

Make quick work winter storms with snow thrower. . . auger and chute easily adjust from tractor seat.

400_dozer.jpg (37232 bytes)

Pick out a dozer blade and make your tractor more versatile. . . for snow and light dozing chores only.

400_cart.jpg (43485 bytes)

Make a fast haul of top soil, clippings, firewood with this handy light weight dump cart.

[Sources:  Allis-Chalmers brochure, YARDPOWER for the man who takes more pride in his lawn, OP-1134 and OP-1133, Dec 72, courtesy of Bill Klein, Sandy Lake Implement]



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