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Now connect the two Lift Chain Connect Bars to the other end of the chain with a 1" Capscrew, 2 flat washers, a lockwasher and nut. The bars now form a yoke. Pull the Lift Lever to the rear position to lower the Rear Arm of the Lift Lever. Slip the yoke over the Rear Arm of the Lift Lever; secure it in place with the I" long round head pin and Quick Pin (Figure "I").

Warning: Do not use the Mower unless the Deflector or the Vacuum Collector Adapter is in place.
Note: Front tire pressure should be equal.


To operate the Rotary Mower, pull the Lift Lever all the way back to lower the Mower to the ground. Now pull back on the P.T.O. Control Lever to engage the Mower Drive.


The mower arbor spindles are assembled with prelubricated, sealed ball bearings and do not require further lubrication.


The Mower Hitch Assembly has been assembled and adjusted at the factory. To recheck this adjustment place the tractor (mower attached), on a flat surface and set the ]3 blades so that the tops of the blades are pointed toward the front of the mower. Now measure the distance from the front top of the center blade to the ground, then the rear tip of the side blades. There should be 1/4" difference between these two measurements (Figure "J"). To set the proper adjustment, loosen the jam nuts on the Eyebolts of the Bail Assembly, disconnect the Eyebolts from the Roller Arms and tighten or loosen the Eyebolts, then connect the Eyebolts back, and tighten the jam nuts back down on the Eyebolts. Check to see that the side blades measurements are the same to insure that the mower is level from side to side.

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figure_j.jpg (18717 bytes)

Figure J


The Mower Drive Belt and the Spindle Drive Belt are a super combine type which are especially constructed to insure proper operation and long life from the mower. The Spindle Drive Belt is spring loaded and requires no further adjustment.

Source:  Owner's Manual, B-207, B-207E, B-208, B-208S, TM-7072/I-70, Rev. 3-70, courtesy of J.C. Stahl 



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