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See Figure "A".


A. Check engine oil level (Figure "B"). Add oil as needed to maintain level up to fill plug.

B. Check fuel level (Figure "C"}. Fill with a good grade of regular gasoline. DO NOT use premium gasoline.


A, Depress clutch-brake pedal and apply braking pressure.

B. Move choke lever down to the "ON" position and the throttle lever to approximately 1/3 open.

C. Turn ignition key to the "ON" position and push starter
button until engine starts.
NOTE: If engine does not start within 30 seconds, allow starter motor to cool a minute or two before making a second attempt. 

C. (B-207 Model only}. Put the Gear Shift Lever in the
"NEUTRAL" position. Follow Step B above then proceed as follows. Lock parking brake. Turn ignition key to the "ON" position; pull recoil handle slowly until you feel mechanism engage, then pull through firmly and rapidly (this provides faster starting and prevents possibility of kickback which could result in injury to the operator). DO NOT ALLOW ROPE TO FLY BACK, but guide it back to its original position. (Figure "B".)

D. Raise choke lever gradually until engine runs smoothly. Allow engine to warm up for a few minutes before applying a load.

207_pg4.jpg (26601 bytes)

FIG. A.  B-207

207e_pg4.jpg (26822 bytes)

FIG. A.  B-207E

208_208s_pg4.jpg (29761 bytes)

FIG. A.  B-208 & B-208S


Source:  Owner's Manual, B-207, B-207E, B-208, B-208S, TM-7072/I-70, Rev. 3-70, courtesy of J.C. Stahl





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