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For best engine performance and good service life, operate at 2/3 to full throttle. DO NOT lug the engine by operating at low R.P.M. To operate, depress clutch-brake pedal and position gear shift lever into desired position (shift pattern on dash, Figure "A").  It may be necessary to let clutch out quickly and then depress it again, which will rotate the gears enough to permit easy engagement. Now, let the clutch out slowly to insure a smooth start. Stop forward motion of tractor before shifting gears. DO NOT "grind" gears when shifting as this can result in serious damage to the transmission.

Fully depressing the clutch-brake pedal will apply the brake for emergency stopping.


A.  Before stopping the engine, remove load and allow engine to idle for a few minutes before turning it off. The "cooling off" period can prevent damage to engine parts.

B.  Lock parking brake by fully depressing clutch-brake pedal and turning parking brake handle (Page 3) clockwise.

C.  Turn ignition key to the "Off" position and remove the key from the tractor.


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FIG. B.  B-207 FIG. B.  B-207E, B-208 and B-208S


A. Air Cleaner

Remove tractor hood (by first removing four thumb screws) to give easy access to the air cleaner (Page 3).

1. Remove the two screws, lift cleaner, and disassemble.

2. Wash foam element in kerosene or liquid detergent and water.

3. Wrap element in cloth and squeeze dry.

4. Saturate element with engine oil. Squeeze to remove excess oil.

5. Reassemble, making certain lip of element extends over edge of air cleaner body.

Service air cleaner every 25 hours. Service daily when operating in dry, dusty conditions.

Source:  Owner's Manual, B-207, B-207E, B-208, B-208S, TM-7072/I-70, Rev. 3-70, courtesy of J.C. Stahl




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