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B. Engine Cooling

The recoil starter screen (Page 3) should be checked each time the air cleaner is serviced and any dirt, grass, etc., should be removed.

Also, the engine shroud (Page 3) should be removed periodically in order to dislodge any foreign matter that may have accumulated around the cylinder and fins at front of engine.

If not corrected, these conditions will restrict air flow around the engine, causing it to run hot and, therefore, shorten engine life.

C. Battery (B-207 E and B-208 Models only, Figure "C") 

The battery should be kept clean and dry at all times. Keep battery snugly fastened in place and check battery cables for tight connections. Vent caps should be kept tight and vent holes in vent caps must be kept open et all times to permit gases formed in battery to escape. Full maintenance instructions ore provided in the rear section of this manual (Page 9).

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207e_pg6.jpg (60768 bytes)

208_208s_pg6.jpg (38104 bytes)
FIG. C.  B-207E FIG. C.  B-208 and B-208S

D. Tire Pressure

Maintain the following pressure. 

Rear 7 to 9 PSI 
Front 9 PSI

E. Clutch and Brake Adjustment (Figure "D")

With the clutch-brake pedal in the engaged (up) position, the compression spring on the clutch rod should be compressed about 3/4". Make adjustment by moving set collar against spring.

Adjust the jam nuts on the end of the clutch rod just close enough to the guide (approximately 3/4") to insure that the clutch idler is pulled away, releasing the belt when pedal is depressed. Do not adjust nuts tight against guide.

Depress the clutch pedal until the brake is fully engaged, lock the parking brake and then release pedal. Set collar on brake rod 3/4" from the guide (See Figure "D").

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fig_d_pg6.jpg (34870 bytes)


Source:  Owner's Manual, B-207, B-207E, B-208, B-208S, TM-7072/I-70, Rev. 3-70, courtesy of J.C. Stahl




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