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A. Engine

Use a quality oil designated for service MS (Motor Severe). Oil labeled DL and DM may also be used; however, do not use a DS oil as it is too severe detergent quality for this type engine (refer to Engine Manual for complete instructions). Change oil after first five hours of operation and every 25 hours thereafter (See Figure "B" for oil fill and drain plugs). (See specifications for recommended oils.)

B. Transmission

The transmission oil level should be maintained up to the oil level check-and-fill plug (Figure "E"). Check periodically and add S.A.E. 90 oil as required.

fig_e_pg7.jpg (37308 bytes)


fig_f_pg7.jpg (22116 bytes)


C. Grease Fittings

This unit has five grease fittings as follows:

2 fittings inside front wheels (Figure "F")
2 fittings -- front axle spindles (Figure "F")
1 fitting -- center frame pivot (under center of tractor) (Figure "G")

These fittings should be lubricated every 25 hours with a good grade multipurpose grease.

fig_g_pg7.jpg (34398 bytes)


Source:  Owner's Manual, B-207, B-207E, B-208, B-208S, TM-7072/I-70, Rev. 3-70, courtesy of J.C. Stahl




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