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Figure 2


Referring to Figures 1 through 3:

1. Park tractor and mower on level ground with sufficient space to right side of tractor for the mower.

2. Lower tractor lift and disconnect lift link from lift arm. Move the mower height adjusting lever fully forward to put mower in lowest position.

3. Loosen belt tightening wing nut on front of tractor and remove drive belt from idler pulleys and electric clutch pulley on engine.

4. Remove pins and lock pins holding mower link assembly to tractor front hitch and lower front of mower to ground.

5. Turn tractor wheels fully to left and slide mower out to right side of tractor.

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Figure 3


[Source: Allis-Chalmers Operator's Manual, 42" & 48" Rotary Mower, Form 16808618, dated 4/73]




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