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Figure 6


The mower drive belt can be replaced by the steps as outlined in the section headed Attaching The Mower.

The arbor drive belt can be replaced by loosening the hex nuts on the left and right hand arbor covers (3 on each cover) and lifting the covers off (Figure 5). Spring the idler pulley over with a wrench and remove the old belt. Put the new belt around the pulleys as shown and spring the idler pulley into place. Slip the arbor covers back over the capscrews, making sure that the flat washers and lockwashers are on the outside and tighten the hex nuts down to secure the covers into place.


DO NOT attempt to remove the blades unless you have the correct size box or socket wrench to fit the blade mounting capscrew.

To remove the blades, first remove mower from tractor and turn it upside down as shown in Figure 6.

Then securely wedge a block of wood between the blade and the housing in such position that it will hold the blade safely while loosening or tightening the blade mounting capscrew.

DO NOT attempt to remove the arbor assemblies. Take out blade mounting capscrews only.

Be sure to note the exact location of the large spring washers, the shouldered spacer and the lockwasher under head of capscrew and replace in exact same arrangement when reinstalling blades.

CAUTION: ALWAYS handle the blade with care to avoid injury.

To sharpen blades yourself clamp blade securely in a vise and use a large mill file along the original bevel. File to a sharp edge.

To balance blade, place a small rod through center hole to see if blade rests with both ends balancing evenly. File heavy side of blade until it balances out even.

NOTE: Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer is equipped to sharpen and balance your mower blades. For expert service and quality parts, see your authorized Allis-Chalmers Dealer.

BEFORE the blades are reassembled, the arbor assembly faces MUST be scraped clean of all accumulations of dirt, grass or other foreign matter. This will insure a positive "fit" of the blades to the arbor assembly faces when the capscrews are tightened. The capscrews should be tightened to 60 foot pounds of torque, or if a torque wrench is not available, tighten securely with a hand wrench.

NOTE: The blades must be mounted so that the angled blade tips point upward toward the underside of the mower housing.


[Source: Allis-Chalmers Operator's Manual, 42" & 48" Rotary Mower, Form 16808618, dated 4/73]



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