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Rotate the blades slowly by hand to see that they clear the housing all around and that the blade tips are running true.

Occasionally lubricate all linkage pivot points and the arbor drive belt idler lever pivot with a good grade of household oil. A

  CAUTION: DO NOT WORK around mower housing area until you are certain that the mower blades have stopped rotating.

Heed the CAUTION SIGN and the SAFETY FIRST SIGN located on the mower housing. Make certain the discharge guard and deflector assembly is always in place before operating mower.

  CAUTION: ALWAYS check mower for broken parts immediately after striking any solid object. If a mower blade is bent, it should be replaced rather than straightened and reused. Any broken parts should be replaced. Replacement blades should be ordered only from your Allis-Chalmers Dealer.


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Figure 7

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Figure 8

After unpacking mower perform the following operations.

1. Place end of height adjusting lever through slot in quadrant and insert end in lever anchor. Install cotter pin in end of lever (Figures 5 and 7).

2. Bolt the deflector assembly to mower outlet as shown in Figure 8, using two bolts, lockwashers and nuts at "A" and two bolts, large flat washers, lockwashers and nuts at "B". Install bolt in front of housing at "C" as follows: Bolt head on inside of housing, bolt thru right hand end of discharge guard clip, front side of deflector on outside of clip with slot over bolt, large flat washer against slot in deflector, lockwasher and nut. Tighten bolts securely.

[Source: Allis-Chalmers Operator's Manual, 42" & 48" Rotary Mower, Form 16808618, dated 4/73]



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