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1. Open Fuel Valve

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2. Close the Choke

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3. Start Engine

a. Rope Starter

Place knot in pulley notch and wind rope around pulley in a clockwise direction. Pull rope with choke closed to prime the engine. Open choke slightly and repeat operation.


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After engine warms up open choke gradually until engine runs smoothly with choke wide open (counter-clockwise position).

b. 12 Volt D.C. Electric Starter

Press starter button on powered equipment. When engine starts, open choke gradually.

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To Stop Engine

Push the stop switch against end of spark plug, or turn off ignition switch on equipment.

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[Source:  Briggs & Stratton Operating and Maintenance Instructions, Models 300401 to 300424, Form  270453-116, courtesy of Mike Decoteau]



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