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5.  Fasten rod guide support to the right hand lift arm and insert spout adjusting handle into rod guide before fastening rod guide to upper end of guide support. See figure 5. Rod guide must not bind or pinch as spout adjusting handle assembly must rotate freely. Assemble lower end of adjusting handle to fork assembly on adjusting pulley.

figure5.jpg (77207 bytes)
Figure 5

6. Connect the drive group to the rotor drive shaft in the following manner:

Two washers are shipped loose in the smaller carton; one washer is thicker than the other and has a larger hole or bore than the thin washer. Assemble the thick washer to the rotor drive shaft and then install the pulley post assembly. Note that when the pulley post assembly is mounted on the
drive shaft, the tube or post is angled or inclined toward the center of the plow and not toward the end of the plow. Install the thin washer and the Woodruff key to rotor drive shaft. Mount the pulley flush against the washer with hub of pulley to face out or away from pulley post assembly. Tighten set screw and lock pulley in place. See figure 6.


figure6.jpg (34870 bytes)
Figure 6

7. Place "V" belt "A" in position on upper pulley and insert the stud of the drive group into the pulley post assembly. The stud must be aligned so that the 2 keys (one key on each side of stud) are inserted into the slots on the pulley post. Screw adjusting nut "Y" upwards on the stud until the "V" belt may be placed over the pulley on the rotor drive shaft as shown in figure 7. Screw this nut downward against the spring on the stud until it compresses the spring to a height of 2". This will tension the "V" belt properly. Increasing the tension of "V" belt will only cause premature belt failure!

After connecting the drive group to the rotor drive shaft, inspect the top pulley shaft for proper alignment. This shaft must be perpendicular to the rotor drive shaft.

To adjust the alignment of this shaft, loosen the top lock nut on the Stud in the pulley post assembly and reposition the pulley post pivot (directly above the top lock nut). When the alignment of the top pulley shaft is correct, hold the pulley post pivot in position and retighten the lock nut.

figure7.jpg (66954 bytes)
Figure 7

[Source: Simplicity Instructions and Parts List, 36" Rotary Snow Thrower for Riding Tractor, Article No. 990175, courtesy of John Kenney]




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