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After connecting the drive group to the tractor engine and the rotor drive shaft, inspect the top pulley shaft for proper alignment. This shaft must be parallel with the engine drive shaft, and perpendicular to the rotor drive shaft.

To adjust the alignment of this shaft, loosen the top lock nut on the stud in the pulley post assembly and reposition the pulley post pivot (directly above the top lock nut). When the alignment of the top pulley shaft is correct, hold the pulley post pivot in position and retighten the lock nut.

4.  Remove 2 head bolts from front edge of engine cylinder head. Install heat deflector in place so that cut out portion of deflector fits in back of muffler. Replace head bolts and tighten securely. This deflector is provided for winter use only and must be removed in warm weather to prevent overheating and damaging engine. The deflector directs a flow of warm air around the carburetor and allows for more efficient winter operation of the tractor engine.

5.  To counter balance the weight of the snow plow, weights are available for mounting to the rear lift assembly. When these weights are in place, they provide sufficient counterbalancing to allow the plow to be raised or lowered with ease. See figure 11.


figure11.jpg (64039 bytes)
Figure 11


When it becomes desirable or necessary to replace the "v" belts "A", "B", loosen the lock nuts "Y" and "Z". This will release the tension on the belts "A" and "B" and allow removal and replacement. To properly tension belt "A", tighten lock nut "Y" until the tension spring is compressed to a height of 2". To properly tension belt "B", tighten lock nut "Z" until the tension spring is compressed to a height of 2-1/4". See figure 6.

To increase tension on belt "C", remove cotter pin from upper end of adjusting rod when clutch is disengaged. See figure 6. When rod is free from clutch lever, screw the rod outward from the adjusting rod pivot. This in effect lengthens the rod and will add tension to belt when rod is assembled to clutch lever. Belt tension in excess of that required to drive the snow plow will only result in premature belt failure.


Operation of the rotor is controlled by the position of the clutch lever. See figure 13. To operate the rotor, place the clutch lever in the horizontal disengaged position, and start the tractor engine. Lift the lever into the vertical engaged position and the rotor will operate as long as the tractor engine is running. Bear in mind that the rotor will be revolving as long as the clutch is engaged and the engine is running. Exercise caution at all times and never attempt to remove snow or ice from the rotor housing or discharge chute unless clutch is disengaged and tractor engine is stopped.

figure12.jpg (56583 bytes)
Figure 12

[Source: Simplicity Instructions and Parts List, 36" Rotary Snow Thrower for Riding Tractor, Article No. 990175, courtesy of John Kenney]




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