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The skid shoes on each side of the rotor housing are adjustable either up or down to suit the surface over which the plow is to be operated. For a smooth surface, loosen the nuts and set the shoes so that the lower edge of the rotor housing rides on the surface. For use over an uneven or rough surface, adjust the shoes for maximum lift.

When using the plow set the discharge spout so that the snow will be thrown with the wind and never into the wind. Throwing snow into the wind is apt to be a source of discomfort to the operator. To alter the direction of discharge, rotate the spout by means of the adjusting handle. The angle of discharge may be altered by loosening the wing nut on the discharge spout extension adjusting rod and moving the extension to the desired position. Retighten the nut.

figure13.jpg (60027 bytes)
Figure 13

When operating the plow through excessively heavy drifts of snow, pull back on lift lever and raise plow while taking the first pass through the drift. Then back off and lower the plow and go through again. After the first path through the drift has been opened, it may be convenient to use only a portion of the width of the plow on succeeding passes. Naturally, efficient plowing methods will vary from one snowfall to another and from location to location and the operator must judge for himself which methods produce the best results.

The wheel weights and tire chains will offer increased traction under rugged snow condition and are available from your Simplicity dealer.

When transporting the plow from one location to another, disengage rotor clutch lever and pull lift lever back to latched position and carry plow in raised position.
When possible, it will be best to store the snow plow in a cold area so that snow will not melt on snow plow and cause formation of ice.

CAUTION:  It is the operators obligation to avoid foreign material or obstructions in snow. Bear in mind that pieces of pipe, rocks, lumber, or rags may jam the rotor and damage it or the drive belts. Be prepared to disengage the rotor clutch quickly if this should happen. If rotor should jam on alien material, be sure to shut off tractor engine before attempting to remove obstruction.



The snow plow has 3 grease fittings which require occasional lubrication with general purpose automotive grease. The location of these fittings is shown in figure 12.

The bearings on the rotor shaft are of a sealed type and do not require further lubrication. The occasional application of a light motor oil to the ends of the rotor shaft will aid in prolonging the life of the bearing seals.

[Source: Simplicity Instructions and Parts List, 36" Rotary Snow Thrower for Riding Tractor, Article No. 990175, courtesy of John Kenney]



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