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Figure 1


The 42" Rotary Mower is shipped in ogre carton completely assembled except for rocker arms and lift drain.

1 . Drive spacer into rocker arm. Secure short side of rocker arm into the bail yoke. Bolt the rocker arm into the front bracket with the provided bolt .

2. Bolt the lift chain to the rear bail assembly. Attach the lift lever to the right lift arm on the tractor.

ADJUSTMENTS (Prior to Attaching to Tractor)

1 . Check tire pressure - Rear 8 PSI; Front 10 PSI.  (Due to the fact that tire front wheels carry the front of the mower, this is important).

2. Before the mower is attached to tractor, both clevises should be adjusted uiltil 1-1/2" is obtained between locknut and head of bolt, Fig 2. This will position the front rocker arms level. or equi-distant from the floor.

3.  Position lift chain clamp 8" to the left of the right hand roller bracket to lift mower as level as possible for transport.


The tractor must be equipped with the center mounted P.T.O.

1. Position mower under tractor and attach front mounting pins. Attach lift chain link to lift lever.

2. Lower mower to floor. Set the mower to the lowest cutting height by turning the adjusting screw handles to prevent possible distortion of lift linkage, and to better stabilize cutting height adjustment. Counter- clockwise will lower the mower, and clockwise will raise the mower. Rotate the center blade to the front, and measure the distance froth its front tip to the floor. Then rotate each of the side blades so the tip cart lie measured at the rear. The front blade should be adjusted 1/2" higher than the rear of the side blades. This can be done by removing the pins and lengthening the clevises at the front mount to raise the front of the mower, and shorten to lower the front of the mower.

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Figure 2

[Source:  Allis-Chalmers Operating Instruction for 42" Rotary Mower 2025080 for Model B-Series Tractors, Form No. TM-7004]




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