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1. Be sure unit is properly adjusted and attached to tractor.

2. Remove mower from tractor and clean all grass clippings and material front mower housing to assure proper balance of unit.

3. Rotate blade and see that all blade ends are level with each other, and will cut even and on a horizontal plane.

4.  Check blade conditions - may need to be sharpened.

5. Check curved baffle plate to see it is riot bent or damaged.

6. Check mower and PTO drive belt for proper adjustments and tension.

7. For some mowing conditions, it may be advisable to use a ground speed reduction group. There is a 10" transmission drive pulley and belt available for field installation. The 8" pulley and belt normally used for the tiller can be obtained from Parts.  By slowing the ground speed and maintaining rotor speed will produce better mowing job.

8. The mower is designed to cut from 2" to 3" for lawn work. A better looking lawn and best care for grass is maintained by cutting often and not too short.  A mower set for a 2" cut on a hard surface will be very short due to the tendency to ride down the grass stubble.

9. With the mower working behind the travel of. the tractor front wheels, it may be necessary to over-cut the width of the wheel mark in the mowed grass. This would leave no uncut grass for best appearance on estate lawns, etc.

10. If mower is properly adjusted and in apparent good condition, but seems to require excess engine power - check all blade drive assemblies.  The rotor spindles should turn with 1" to 2" lbs. pull.  This can be checked by removing mower drive belt shield and drive belt.  If this pull is up to 5" lb. or more, the unit will rob power from the tractor. Repair or replace necessary parts of the rotor spindle assembly. Tight bearings, bent rotor shafts or spindle housings may be caused by hitting obstructions.

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belt_align.jpg (28363 bytes)
Belt Alignment*

* NOTE:  The earliest 42" decks did not use the Spring to tension the belt, but used a slot in the deck where the idler pulley shaft could be loosened and adjusted.


ALLIS-CHALMERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (the Company) warrants its new machinery covered by this order or contract (excluding tires and B-Series engines and engine accessories which are warranted by the respective manufacturers only) to be free of defects in workmanship and material at the time of shipment from the Company's factory. This warranty is the only warranty upon which the Company's new machinery is sold. NO OTHER WARRANTY SHALL BE IMPLIED AND ALL STATUTORY WARRANTIES SHALL BE DEEMED WAIVED. No warranty of any kind, statutory, implied, or otherwise, is made with respect to second-hand machinery or with respect to new machinery which, after shipment from the Company's factory, has been altered, repaired or treated in any manner whatsoever.

The Company will repair or replace f.o.b. its factory any part in its new machinery which under normal use fails within twelve months (except six months instead of twelve months in the case of products of the Springfield and Deerfield Works of the Company and engines sold as power units) from date of delivery of such machinery to the first user, provided that the Company is promptly notified thereof and that the part is returned to the Company or to an authorized dealer properly identified, charges prepaid, and is found to the satisfaction of the Company to have been defective in workmanship or material at the time of shipment of the machinery from the factory as aforesaid.

The Company's liability whether in contract or in tort arising out of warranties, representations, instructions, or defects from any cause shall be limited exclusively to repairing or replacing under the conditions as aforesaid.

No representative of the Company has authority to change this warranty and no attempt to repair or promise to repair or improve the machinery by any representative of the Company shall change or extend this warranty.


[Source:  Allis-Chalmers Operating Instruction for 42" Rotary Mower 2025080 for Model B-Series Tractors, Form No. TM-7004]



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