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13. Install loader frame on tractor using the 1/2 x 1-1/4” capscrews, lockwashers and nuts provided. See Figure 9. During installation of loader, install V-Belt around engine pulley, making sure the hydraulic pump pulley and engine pulley are running true to each other for good belt alignment. See Figure 10.

14. On the Landlord Tractor the clutch pedal must be cut off at the second notch. This is necessary to eliminate interference between the R.H. loader frame and the pedal. See Figure 11.

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Figure 9

Figure 10


15. Fill reservoir to proper level with specified oil.  Start engine and operate loader to remove air from cylinder. Check and refill hydraulic reservoir.

16. Check daily maintenance before operating loader.

Figure 11


Oil used should be non-foaming and have high oxidation resistance. The oil should have a high viscosity index. Detergent type oils are satisfactory if they are non-foaming.

Oil should meet API classification MM-MS.

For highest temperatures of 0° F. use SAE 5. For highest temperatures 0° F. to 70° F. use SAE 10. For temperatures above 70° F. use SAE 20. SAE 1OW30 may be used for all temperature

NOTE:  Use only clean oil and clean containers,  Dirt can destroy hydraulic system components.


1. Check hydraulic system for proper oil level.

2. Lubricate all pivot points with chassis lubricant (general purpose, automotive grease).


Before starting unit be sure that all maintenance procedures as listed in the tractor operators
manual and in this loader manual have been followed.

Start tractor engine and allow hydraulic system to warm up before operating loader under
heavy loads. Cold operation under heavy loads may seriously damage hydraulic pump.

Always operate loader with proper amount of counterweight in weight box (100 to 300 lbs.) When moving with a loaded bucket always carry bucket low and operate tractor slowly. A loaded bucket, carried high, reduces tractor stability. Good operators always carry loads low for added stability.

When lowering lift arms with a loaded bucket, do not stop the lowering abruptly. This causes unnecessary high surge pressures in the hydraulic system and undue strain on the tractor itself.

When lifting loads heavier than rated loader capacity, a relief valve in the hydraulic pump will open protecting the hydraulic system. Excessive “By Passing” of this relief valve will cause excessive
hydraulic system heat and damage to relief valve.  Do not overload.


The loader is easily removed from the tractor to make unit available for other work.

To remove loader, remove the two capscrews (each side) that fasten the loader main frame to sub-frame and slide forward. (Sec Step 13 for mounting).

The Rotary Lawnmower and Snow Thrower attachments can be used without removing the sub-frame.

[Source:  Simplicity Owner's Manual, Front End Loader, Mfrs. No. 515]



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