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MFG. NO. 885-42" and MFG. NO. 886-48" ROTARY MOWER

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Figure 1.  Mower positioned to be slid under tractor. Figure 2.  Lift cable attached to mower. 


Rear wheel weights will give better traction and stability when mowing on hills.


1. See figure 1. Position the mower as shown in figure 1, on either side of the tractor. If the mower is to be slid in from the right side as shown on figure 1, turn the front wheels to the left. If the mower is to slide under the tractor from the left side, turn the front wheels to the right.

2. See figure 2. Slide the mower under the tractor as shown and center the mower lift eyebolt under lift cable (A).

3. Attach lift cable (A) to the mower lift eyebolt using pin (B) and spring clip (C).

4. Use the tractor lift lever or electric lift switch to lift the mower to the raised position.

5. See figure 3. The mower is well enough balanced in this position so one person can easily install the pins (A) to attach the hitch assembly of the mower to the tractor front axle. This is most easily done by installing the left pin and spring clip first, then installing the right pin (A) and spring clip (B) shown in figure 3.

6. Use the tractor lift lever or switch to lower the mower to the operating position.

7. See figure 4. Pull down on lever (A) to release the spring tension on the power take off idler pulley bracket.

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figure3.jpg (37939 bytes)

figure4.jpg (52685 bytes)

Figure 3.  Mower attached to tractor front axle. Figure 4.  Belt tension lever located at rear of tractor.

[Source: Simplicity Owner's Manual, MFG NO 886 42" Rotary Mower, MFG NO 885 48" Rotary Mower, SER. FORM OP60]




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