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Figure 7.  Left side of mower and tractor. Figure 8.  Left side of mower.


See figure 7. After the tractor engine has been started and is running at about 3/4 full speed, the mower may be engaged by pushing forward on the tractor power take off control lever (Figure 7, Item A)


The best ground speed will vary greatly with the type of terrain and the amount and condition of grass being cut. Ground speed should be controlled by the tractor transmission. For normal conditions where the terrain is smooth and the grass dry and not extremely tall a ground speed of 3 - 4 MPH may be best. However, if the terrain is rough and the grass tall or wet, a slower ground speed of about 2 - 3 MPH is sufficient. The Operation Chart in your tractor owner's manual shows the approximate control settings to achieve these speeds.


Size and type of area to be mowed determines the best mowing pattern to use. Obstructions such as trees, fences, and buildings must also be considered. In most cases, making one or two passes in a counter-clockwise direction around the area to be mowed is advisable to keep cut grass off fences, walks, etc. The remainder of the mowing should normally be done in a clockwise direction so the clippings are dispersed on the cut area.

On moderate size, frequently mowed lawns where the grass is light, it is practical to mow in a counter-clockwise direction so the grass clippings are thrown toward the center of the lawn and concentrated for easy pick up and removal.


Most lawns should be mowed to keep the grass approximately 2" 3" high. Best results are obtained by cutting often and not too short. To keep a green lawn, never mow more than 1/3 off the height of the grass or a maximum of 1" in one mowing. For extremely tall grass, set the cutting height at maximum for the first mowing, then reset to the desired height and mow again. Allow the grass to grow to three inches then cut off only the top inch.

On thick, springy grass or, soft ground, the mower rollers may sink into the ground giving too low a cut. Adjust the cutting height to get the desired height of cut. For best appearance grass should be cut in the afternoon or evening when it is free of moisture.



See figure 7. The cutting height of the mower is adjustable 1-5/8" to 3-1/8". To adjust the height of cut, turn the adjusting handle (B) on each side of the mower clockwise to raise the blades, and counter-clockwise to lower them. The two handles should be rotated the same direction and number of turns so they carry equal weight of the mower and keep the mower level. When the two handles require equal effort to turn, it is a good indication the mower is level. However, it is advisable to occasionally drive the tractor on a smooth level surface and check the height of the two outside blades to insure they are cutting at equal height.


See figure 9. To give the best mowing job, the mower should be adjusted so the front of the center blade (B) is 1/8" to 1/4" higher than the rear of the two outside blades (A) when the mower is setting on a smooth hard surface.  If adjustment is required, proceed as follows:

1. Check the air pressure in the tractor tires to insure that they are inflated according to the tractor owner's manual.

2. With the mower properly installed, drive the tractor on a smooth flat surface, such as a level concrete floor.

3. Use the tractor manual lift lever or electric lift switch to lower the mower completely to the operating position.

4. Shut off the tractor engine. Do not attempt to make any adjustments on the mower while the engine is running.

5. See figure 9. Rotate the left mower blade so it is parallel with the tractor, and the tips point straight toward the front and rear.


[Source: Simplicity Owner's Manual, MFG NO 886 42" Rotary Mower, MFG NO 885 48" Rotary Mower, SER. FORM OP60]



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