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Figure 9.  Mower viewed from left side.

6. Turn the mower height adjusting handles, Figure 7, Item B, so the rear tip of the left blade, Figure 9, Item A, is two inches from the ground surface.

7. Repeat steps five and six on the right side of the mower so the rear of the right blade is two inches from the ground surface.

8. If any height adjustment is needed to correct the height of the right blade, recheck the left blade height.

9. Turn the center blade so that the tips are pointing straight toward the front and rear. Measure the distance from its front tip to the ground surface (Figure 9, Item B). The distance should be 2-1/8" to 2-1/4", that is 1/8" to 1/4" more than the distance from the rear tip of the outer blades to the ground surface.

10. See figure 8. If adjustment is needed, remove the two spring clips and pins (A). Loosen the locking nuts (B) and turn the eyebolts (C) counter-clockwise to raise the front of the mower, or clockwise to lower the front of the mower as needed. Always turn each of the eyebolts the same number of turns in the same direction.

11. See figure 8. After making the adjustment, tighten the locking nuts (B) and reinstall the pins (A) and spring clips.

12. Recheck both the side and center blade heights. If the adjustment is not correct, repeat steps 10 and 11.





Mower cuts uneven.

Mower not leveled.
Tractor tires not correctly inflated.
Mower front to rear height adjustment incorrect.

Level mower. See page 4.
Inflate according to tractor owners manual.
Adjust as instructed on page 4.

Rough looking cut.

Engine speed too slow.
Blades not sharp.
Power take off belt slipping.

Run engine at full speed.
Sharpen or replace blades.
Check belt tension lever. See figure 4.

Mower will not raise.

Lift cable not attached or broken.

Attach or replace lift cable.

Engine stalls easily.

Ground speed too fast.
Engine RPM too slow.
Engine lacks power.

Reduce ground speed.
Run engine at full throttle.
See tractor trouble shooting guide in tractor manual.

Mower vibration is noticeable.

Blade mounting bolts loose.
Mower blades bent.
Blades damaged or out of balance.

Tighten bolts to 45 ft. pounds.
Replace blade.
Replace or balance blades.

Excessive belt breakage occurs.

Pulleys rough or loose.
Using incorrect belt.

Repair or replace pulleys.
Use only genuine Simplicity replacement parts.

Tractor handles poorly.

Tires not properly inflated.
Moving too fast on rough or sloping surface.

Inflate tires according to tractor owners manual.
Reduce travel speed.



Replacement parts required for performing maintenance services or repair work should be purchased from your Simplicity dealer. When ordering parts be prepared to give him the mower identification number. If you have not already recorded this number on the inside front cover of this manual we suggest you do so now for convenient future reference. USE ONLY GENUINE SIMPLICITY REPLACEMENT PARTS.


Inspect the mower, checking for loose bolts, missing spring clips and pins, etc. Also check the mower blades for sharpness and to insure they have not been bent or chipped from hitting a hard object. Check the blade mounting bolts to be sure they are tight. The underside of the mower should be checked and any build up of grass clippings or dirt which may reduce the cutting capacity of the mower should be removed.

[Source: Simplicity Owner's Manual, MFG NO 886 42" Rotary Mower, MFG NO 885 48" Rotary Mower, SER. FORM OP60]



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