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Figure 10.  Underside of mower.  Figure 11.  Mower spindle drive belt shown with belt covers removed.


See figure 10. Each of the three grease fittings (A) should be given about five shots of general purpose automotive grease. Before greasing the grease fittings, wipe them clean to prevent dirt from being forced into the bearings. DO NOT OVER LUBRICATE THE MOWER. EXCESS GREASE AND OIL MAY GET ON THE BELTS AND CAUSE SLIPPAGE.

Alight coating of grease or SAE 30 weight oil should also be placed on the mower mounting pins, (Figure 3, item A) and all mower pivot points to reduce wear.


1. Remove the mower from the tractor. See page 3.

2. Use water under pressure to thoroughly clean the mower to remove any build up of grass clippings and dirt under the mower deck.

3. Cover any area where the paint has been worn or chipped away with paint or a light coat of oil.

4. Lubricate the mower according to the Every 50 Hour Maintenance service.

5. Store the mower in a dry place.


Do not attempt to remove the blades until you have the correct size box, socket, or open end wrenches for the blade mounting bolts. Place a wooden block between the mower blade and deck to prevent the blade from rotating until the capscrews are loosened. See figure 10. Remove the capscrews (B) to remove the blades for sharpening or replacement. CAUTION: NEVER OPERATE THE MOWER WITHOUT THE STONE GUARD (C) IN PLACE. ALWAYS INSURE IT IS SECURELY IN PLACE WHEN SERVICING THE MOWER. DO NOT REMOVE THE ARBORS. REMOVE THE BLADES FROM THE ARBORS TO SHARPEN A BLADE. TO DO THIS YOURSELF, CLAMP IT IN A VICE AND USE A 10" FILE ALONG THE ORIGINAL BEVEL. FILE TO A RAZOR EDGE AT AN ANGLE OF 30. To balance the blade insert a knife blade or small rod through the center hole to see if the blade rests with both ends balancing evenly. File the heavy side until even.

Carefully clean the blade and arbor. Install the new or sharpened blade with the lift tabs toward the top. Install the two blade mounting capscrews and tighten them alternately two turns at a time to 45 foot pounds torque. Use a block or wedge to keep the blade from turning while tightening the bolts. Rotate the blades by hand slowly to see that the ends clear the housing all around and the tips are running true. If the mower is properly adjusted and in apparent good condition, but seems to require access engine power it may be that an arbor shaft or bearing has been damaged by hitting an obstruction. Check the blade drive system. Tight bearings, a bent arbor shaft or spindle housing should be repaired or replaced by your Simplicity dealer.


The power take off to mower drive belt can be easily replaced if necessary by following the Installation instructions on page 2 of this manual.

The blade drive belt located under the mower deck, is under spring tension, and does not require any adjustment. Should this belt need replacement, remove the mower from the tractor and proceed as follows:

1. See figure 8. Remove the capscrews (D) and the two belt covers (E) from the mower deck.

2. See figure 11. Remove the broken or damaged belt.

3. Insure the idler pulley (A) is free to pivot so the spring tension will be applied to the belt. Lubricate the idler pulley pivot at (B) with a few drops of SAE 30 engine oil.

4. Check pulleys for rough edges or worn bearings.

5. Install a new Simplicity belt as shown in figure 11, and fasten the belt tension spring (C).

6. See figure 8. Replace the belt covers (E) and capscrews (D).


[Source: Simplicity Owner's Manual, MFG NO 886 42" Rotary Mower, MFG NO 885 48" Rotary Mower, SER. FORM OP60]



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