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Herb Niewender suggested yet another great addition to the site -- a step-by-step illustration of how the dump cart works -- using his freshly repainted Simplicity cart.  Many people seem to be looking for carts to use with their tractors, and Herb suggested that they should see how the original equipment Simplicity carts operate.  Their "double-dumping" capability is unique, and hard to describe.

Click each picture for a closer view

1.  This illustrates the removable tail gate.  Just lift it up to completely remove it.   You can  completely dump the cart without removing the tail gate, if you'd like -- though the load will usually dump easier if you remove the tail gate.

cart1.jpg (33186 bytes)

2.  Note how the wheels are spaced slightly off center toward the front of the trailer.  This puts slightly more weight behind the pivot point for the bed of the cart.  This "out-of-balance" condition is just enough to provide an automatic dumping action (#3, below), without unduly lifting the tongue of the cart.

cart2.jpg (42545 bytes)

3.  Moving the short, spring-loaded release lever forward allows the bed to dump.  If the weight is evenly distributed in the bed, the cart will dump by itself, since there is slightly more weight behind the pivot point than in front of it.  If it doesn't dump by itself, a slight lift on the front of the bed will do it....

cart3.jpg (33883 bytes)

4.  The unique Simplicity design allows you to completely dump the contents.  With very little additional effort, you can lift the entire bed up on its end -- while the wheels are still on the ground.  Note the additional hinged mounting frame for the bed that other carts do not have.

cart4.jpg (35346 bytes)

5.  Once you've dumped out most of the weight of the load, you can even flip the bed completely upside down -- without disconnecting the cart from the tractor.  This is very handy to completely dump a load of mulch, topsoil, etc.  Virtually nothing remains in the bed of the cart....

cart5.jpg (32190 bytes)

Suggestion for the topic and photos courtesy of Herb Niewender.




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