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Figure 1
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Figure 2

1.  Depress the clutch and brake pedal and apply the parking brake.

2. Remove the belt from the transmission pulley.

3. Remove the transmission pulley and key from the transmission shaft.

4. Place the drive belt around the transmission shaft close to the transmission case.

5. Install the two belt stop fingers as indicated in Fig. 1.

6. Install the two-speed pulley key in place in the transmission shaft.

7. Attach the two-speed pulley and gear case to the transmission shaft. Place the drive belt around the pulley and loosen the parking brake. Align the two-speed pulley with the idler pulley and tile bevel gear housing pulley. The two-speed pulley should be almost (1/32" to 1/16") against transmission housing.

8. Tighten the setscrew on the key and then the other setscrew 90 away.  Set with small punch and hammer.  Retighten.

9. Remove the clutch hand brake spring from the capscrew on the transmission.

10. Remove this capscrew from the transmission case and also the other upper capscrew from the transmission case.

11. Insert the two long studs into the vacant capscrew holes in the upper end of the transmission case. Put the shifter handle assembly in place on these two long studs, making sure that the two pivots are properly positioned over the outer rim of the shift-ring. Refer to Fig. 3. Secure with hex nuts and lockwashers.

12. Remove the capscrew from the right side of the tractor frame above the parking brake. Use this screw to attach the shift lever bracket as shown in Fig. 3. Align to permit proper movement of the shift lever and then tighten in place.

13. Secure all bolts and nuts tightly. Check the clearance between the belt and the belt-stop fingers. When the belt is engaged, the clearance should be 1/16th.

14. Reinstall the clutch and brake spring on bracket. (Refer to Fig. 1.)

15. Make sure that the stop plate (Fig. 3) is positioned next to the two-speed pulley gear case. Approximately 1/16" clearance is required between the stop plate and cover. With this minimum clearance the stop plate will lodge properly between the nuts.

NOTE: For purposes of illustration only, the tractor is shown with the wheel removed. It is not necessary to remove wheel to install the two-speed pulley assembly.

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figure3.jpg (41816 bytes)
Figure 3

[Source:  Allis-Chalmers Operating Instructions for High-Low Pulley No. 2025063, Form TM-7013]





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