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This is the new companion product to the Johnny Bucket -- a rear weight box that functions as a counterweight.  It fits into the rear lift tube and the two bottom rear hitch points (the 3-point hitch for these tractors.)  It works on the old B-series Allis-Chalmers and equivalents (Simplicity or Montgomery Wards) tractors with rear lift rods instead of cables.  It could likely be made to work on newer tractors if you moved the rear lift cable to the opposite side of the lift cross-shaft, underneath the tractor, so that you pushed forward on the lift handle to lift rear implements.  For a rear counterweight to work, it must have the opposite movement of a front implement -- when one lifts up, the other moves down...

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In addition to functioning as a counterweight, it has two scarifiers that can be used to loosen packed soil so that you can then scoop it up and move it with the Johnny Bucket.  These scarifiers are pinned up for normal operation, with a single hitch pin.  They can be dropped down for ripping the soil, and have three possible depth adjustments.  Dropped to their lowest depth, they should penetrate the soil about 4" when the box is fully down (bucket fully raised).

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Normal position of scarifiers

Scarifiers down and pinned in the middle position, ready for ripping

The box is designed so that it is lifted high when the front implement is down, providing plenty of ground clearance, even with the scarifiers attached.  If you'll have no need to use the scarifiers, they can be completely removed by unpinning them and sliding them down and out of the bottom bracket.  The picture below illustrates the ground clearance when the box is fully down and the bucket fully raised.

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The counterweight box pivots on a cleverly designed lower bracket, staying almost perfectly perpendicular throughout it's range of movement.  This is illustrated below, with with the box fully raised.

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Pivoting hitch points

Box fully raised

The counterweight box is large enough to easily hold 150-200 pounds of weight (be careful of overloading your tractor's hitch points.)  It measures 12" deep X 16" wide, and is 12" tall.  It's size is best illustrated by showing a factory rear counterweight, complete with collar weights, inside the box. 

Click each picture for a closer view

 Box measures a roomy 12" deep X 16" wide X 12" tall

Shown with the factory rear counterweight and collar weights inside

Like all the Johnny Products, it is well-designed and well-built, all the way to it's powder-coated finish.  The attention to detail is evident by the drain holes in each corner, the included trailer hitch and the rounded corners. Like the Johnny Bucket, it should also provide years of trouble-free use....

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