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Right Hand Lift Lever
No. 2025046 for
B-10 Tractor

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Figure 1

Figure 2

1. On the right hand side of the tractor frame, locate a mounting hole, ( 1) Fig. 1, above the lift lever shaft and at the upper edge of the tractor frame. Attach the nut retainer (2) Fig. 1, at this point, with the nut on the inner surface of the frame as shown.

2. Remove the two hex capscrews (3) Fig. 1, from each side, of the lift lever shaft and mount the quadrant assembly, (4) Fig. 2, to the side of the tractor frame as shown in Figure 2, using the two hex caps crews previously removed.

3.  Insert a hex capscrew, 5/16-18 x 3/4" lg. SAE Grade 5, and 5/16 lockwasher into the upper mounting hole of quadrant and tighten into the nut retainer installed during step 1. Place the spacer (6) Fig. 3, within the hole in the end 0 the lift lever assembly. (7) and position a washer, (8) on each side of the spacer. Insert a hex capscrew 7/16-14 x 1-1/2" lg. (9) with lockwasher (10) through the washers and spacer and attach the lift lever assembly to the end of the lift lever shaft. Refer to (5) Figs. 1 & 2. Tighten the hex capscrew securely.


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Figure 3

4.  For use with "Front-Mounted" equipment, attach the front lift rod (11) Fig. 3, to the mounting hole in R. H. lift lever assembly and secure with spring clip (12).

5.  For use with "Center-Mounted" equipment, use the R. H. lift lever, (16) Fig. 3, for attaching equipment to lift lever assembly. Assemble the lift lever to the inside flat face of the lift lever assembly with a 3/8-16 x 7/8" lg. hex capscrew, (13) 3/8" lockwasher (14) and 3/8-16 hex nut (15) as shown in Fig. 3. 

6.  The right hand lift lever is used to lift rear mounted equipment in the normal manner. In event of mounting a front and center mounted tool, offset both units in the front mounting clevis on tractor.



Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company warrants that it will furnish, F.O.B. its Factory, a similar part to replace any parts or material in its B Series products (except tires, engines, and engine accessories, which usually are warranted by their respective manufacturers) , which within one year from original sale by the Dealer is proved to the satisfaction of the Company to have been defective at the time of sale. This warranty is the only warranty under which B Series products are sold, all implied and statutory warranties being expressly woived, and the Company's liability, whether in contract or in tort, arising out of this warranty or out of representations, instructions or defects from any cause, shall be limited to replacing defective parts or material as aforesaid.



[Source:  Allis Chalmers Operating Instructions, Right Hand Lift Lever, No. 2025046, for Model B-10 Tractor, Form TM-356, courtesy of Jack Lindstrom]




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