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(CON'T) groove of the pulley and replace the pulley in the bracket and re-install the pin and spring clip. Attach one end of the lift cable to the lift arm as shown in Fig. 4 and attach the lower end of the cable to the lift cable brace on the hinge assembly. Fasten with pins and spring clips.

4.  As the power to drive the sickle bar must come from the power take-off of the tractor, it will be necessary to attach the power takeoff to the tractor if it is not equipped with one. Refer to the tractor instruction manual for installation of PTO. With the power take-off attached to the tractor, place the sickle bar drive belt in place on the pulley of sickle bar and attach thefree end of the belt in place on smaller section of power take-off drive pulley. Refer to Fig. 7. Make certain that the drive belt rides in the grooves of the idler pulleys located within the belt guard. 


Check the lift cable before operating the sickle bar. In the event that obstructions should appear in the path of the sickle bar, it will be necessary to lift the sickle bar above the obstructions. This is why it is important to have the lift cable properly installed prior to operation cf the sickle bar.

Place the tractor transmission in neutral and the power take-off disengaged while the tractor engine is started.

Engage 1st gear and engage the power take-off before releasing the tractor clutch.

NOTE: The sickle bar must be in operation before beginning to move through material to be cut.

When transporting the sickle bar, the sickle bar must be swung up and locked in the raised position by the transport chain. The hook of the transport chain may be conveniently attached to the outboard skid shoe as shown in Fig. 8.

(Source:  Operators Instructions for 46" Sickle Bar Mower (2025058) For "B" Series Wheel Tractors, Form TM-379, courtesy of Michael Scharlau)



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