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8. Place belt around pulley. The belt should fit flush with the top of the pulley. (See Fig. 5).

9. Adjust the belt stops so that there is approximately 1/32" clearance between the stop and belt when the thrower drive is in the engaged position. Tighten securely. (Fig. 5).

10. Apply a light coating of oil to neck of discharge spout.  Install spout. The spout is notched to slip past the clip on the discharge opening on the housing. Install spout extension using carriage bolts. The special hex washers and a plain washer go between the extension and the wing nut. (Fig. 8).

I 1. Attach the spout control rod support to the top hole of the lift rod bracket with 3/8" x 1-1/4" NC capscrew, lockwasher and hex full nut. Do not tighten. (Fig. 7).

12. Insert handle assembly into spout control tube assembly and secure with 5/32" x 1" cotter pin. Insert spout control tube assembly into bearing and secure in place with 2-1/8" x 3/4" cotter pins, one on each side of bearing. (Figs. 6&7).

13. Position discharge spout directly forward. Position control tube so the cable clamp faces away from the side of the spout. Provide one coil on top and one coil on bottom. The end of the cable closest to operator passes under the tube, end away from operator passes over the top of tube. (Fig. 6). In order to insure tightness of the spout cable, it is helpful to slant the control tube slightly inboard in relation to the rod guide support as shown. Position the free ends of the cable around the spout and clamp securely with the plate, 5/16" lockwasher and 5/16" full hex nut. Move the spout control rod back to the rod guide support and secure with the clamp, liner and 5/16" x 1-1/4" caps crew and lock nut. Tighten securely to permit spout control rod to be turned with slight pressure applied.

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Figure 5


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Figure 6



[Source:  Owner's Manual, 36" Rotary Snow Thrower (2029938), Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Products Division, FORM TM-7033]



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