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1. Always discharge snow with the wind, never against the wind.

2. The distance of discharge can be altered by loosening the two wing nuts on the discharge spout extension and raising or lowering the extension to give the desired angle. After adjusting, push the extension snugly against the spout assembly to prevent snow from being blown backwards against the engine and operator. Slotted holes beneath the wing nuts allow this to be done before tightening the wing nuts to hold the extension in the desired position.

3. The gauge shoes on each side of the rotor housing are adjustable, either up or down, to suit the surface over which the thrower is to be operated. For a smooth surface, loosen the nuts and set the shoes so that the lower edge of the housing rides near the surface. For use over a rough or uneven surface (gravel), adjust the shoes for maximum lift to keep stone pickup to a minimum.

4. When operating a snow thrower through deep drifts of snow, raise the rotor housing while taking the first pass through the drift. Then back off and lower the rotor housing and then go through again. After the first path through the drift has been opened, it may be convenient to use only a portion of the width of the thrower on successive passes.

5. When transporting the snow thrower from one location to another, disengage the rotor clutch for safety.

6. After completion of the snow removal operation, allow the engine to operate in a sheltered area for about five minutes to dry its elf and prevent the formation of ice. When possible, store the snow thrower in an area where the clinging snow will not melt and refreeze into ice. 


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[Source:  Owner's Manual, 36" Rotary Snow Thrower (2029938), Allis-Chalmers Outdoor Products Division, FORM TM-7033]



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