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Figure 1 Figure 2 (Disengaged)

To afford a more positive engagement and disengagement of the 36" snow thrower (2025057) the following changes have been made:

1. Check drive belt length. This must be 54-1/4" minimum length.

2. The belt stops have been changed and must be replaced with new belt stops. The new stops are longer and should be installed so the left belt stop is nearest the tractor frame and the right belt stop nearest the bolt head. They should be adjusted to approximately 1/32" from the belt and pulley when the thrower is in the "engaged" position. (See Fig. 1)

3. If engine drive pulley was received painted, the paint should be removed from the area on which the belt will ride. The pulley should b,: installed with the pulley hub to the front and flush with the engine shaft (See Fig. 1).

4. The addition of plain washers, nylon washers and lock nut to the clutch linkage assembly
will assure a positive disengagement when the clutch handle is pulled in the disengaged
position. The lock nut should be set to a torque setting of 4 ft. lb. It should require a
positive movement of the lever to engage or disengage the thrower.

5. The set collar should be adjusted up or down to assure the backside of the belt rides
properly in the idler pulley (See Fig. 2). A good starting adjustment is approximately 3" over all spring length, engaged. Be sure spring is not fully collapsed. Be sure setscrew is properly indexed not to strike housing.

6. The belt guard assembly should be positioned so the top edge of the guard is resting against the body assembly (See Fig. 3). Cross drive shaft can be adjusted rearward for minimum length belts.

7. If early production models of the Snow Thrower (2025057) are installed on tractors using the winter cab, it will be necessary to use clutch handle 2026576 with a 2025447 knob in place of the handle supplied to avoid interference with the cab and support tubing. This handle and knob can be ordered from parts stock, if necessary.

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Figure 3

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