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Figure 8


For ease in attaching the tiller to the tractor, follow the sequence of steps as outlined below:

1. Place the tiller in position in back of the tractor. Pull the tractor lift lever to the full back position and place the tiller lift bar assembly into the tube of the rear lift assembly on the tractor.  Fasten in place with a pin and hair pin cotter as shown in Figure 8.

Place the tractor lift lever in the forward position and connect the tiller frame to the tractor tow assembly with the pivot rod and hair pin cotters. See Figure 8.

Turn the belt tension adjusting screw to the full loose position (turn counter-clockwise) and place the free end of the 42" long "V" belt in position on the tiller drive pulley. With the "V" belt in position on the tiller drive pulley and on the smaller pulley of the tiller drive assembly, turn the belt tension adjusting screw in a clockwise direction until the slack is taken out of the "V" belt.

Pull up on the tiller clutch lever handle to engage the tiller, and adjust the belt release guard so that clearance is equal on both sides of the belt.  See Figure 6.

Depress the tractor brake pedal and lock in position. Loosen the belt guard mounting bolt on the right hand side of the tractor and swing the belt guard out of position.  Remove the tractor drive belt and remove the 6" pulley from the transmission drive shaft and replace with the 8" pulley.  Mount the 45" long "V" belt from the 8" pulley to the pulley on the bevel gear shaft. Replace the belt guard and tighten the mounting bolt.  Release the brake pedal, and recheck the brake and clutch adjustments described in the tractor manual.

To increase the tension, release the tiller clutch lever and loosen the set-crew in the collar. Slide the collar towards the rear of tractor and retighten the sets crew. Check the tension by engaging the tiller clutch lever. AVOID EXCESSIVE TENSION as it will cause premature belt failure.

2. Adjustment of belt tension for the "V" belt running from the smaller pulley of the tiller drive assembly to the drive pulley on the tiller is regulated by the belt tension adjusting screw. Turn the handle in a clockwise direction to increase the belt tension and counter- clockwise to decrease tension. The belt should have tension sufficient to transmit power to the tiller drive shaft.

AVOID EXCESSIVE TENSION as it will cause premature belt failure.

[Source: Allis-Chalmers Owner's Manual, Rotary Tiller - 32" for Model B-Series Tractors,  TM-302, April 1962]



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