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 Simplicity Engine Reference

Use the following table to find the correct engine Model Number and Type Number for your Simplicity tractor if it was manufactured on or before 1985.   In addition to all 4-wheel lawn and garden tractors, it contains engines for Trailing Mowers, Vacuum Collectors and Model "W" walking tractors.  

You must first know the Manufacturer Number (Mfg. No.) to use this table easily.  If you own an Allis-Chalmers, you can determine the equivalent Simplicity tractor and Manufacturer Number using the Model Cross-Reference Table.  (Note that there is NO Simplicity equivalent to AC 300 or 400 series tractors.)  

NOTE:  Allis-Chalmers owners should use this table with caution, since the Simplicity may not have the exact same engine.  Simplicity and Allis-Chalmers did not make the switch from Briggs & Stratton engines to Kohler engines at the same time.  If you have a 700 Series Allis-Chalmers,  I suggest you confirm the Engine Model number for your tractor using either the tractor specifications in the AC section (make sure the tractor is the same manufacturer number also), or the Engine Model number taken directly from your tractor.  If it is the same Engine Model number as that listed for the equivalent Simplicity, it should have the corresponding Model Type also.

TIP:  Simplicity owners can also use the table to determine the year(s) of manufacture of their tractor, since the Model Cross-Reference Table does not contain all the Simplicity information. 

TIP:  You can also use "Search This Site" to search the entire website to find all references to a specific Manufacturer Number, Engine Model Number or Engine Type Number.  The correct page(s) in this engine reference will show as something like "http://www.simpletractors.com/parts/engines/landlord.htm"



Years Included Simplicity Model


1968-1979 Sovereign
1974-1979 Baron
1960-1979 Landlord
1978-1970 6000 Series
1964-1977 Broadmoor
1968-1973 Yeoman
1976-1979 4000 Series
1968-1972 Serf
1957-1979 Wonder-Boy and 3000 Series Cavalier
1961-1979 Miscellaneous (Vacuum Collectors, Trailing Mowers, and Model "W" Walking Tractor)
1980 1980 Update to Basic Reference
1981 1981 Update to Basic Reference
1982 1982 Update to Basic Reference 
1983 1983 Update to Basic Reference 
1984 1984 Update to Basic Reference 
1985 1985 Update to Basic Reference

[Source:  Simplicity Engine Information, 1981, courtesy of Bob Tiarks;  1982-1985 updates courtesy of Dave Christensen}




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