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On-line parts sources who help support us

Jack's Small Engines.  Jack, one of our club members and advertisers, sells OEM Simplicity parts on-line.  If you know the part number, you can order direct from Jack's via secure credit-card transaction by Clicking Here. (NOTE:  This on-line parts database is very helpful in determining if parts for old tractors are still available from the dealers -- and to find out how much they'll cost.) If you can't find what you're looking for, or to request a price quote, E-mail their sales department.

JJ Nemes & Sons.  Jeff Nemes (another club member and advertiser, a long-time Simplicity dealer and founder of the Used Mower Network) has mentioned that he would be willing to give the Simplicity & AC Club members quotes on parts pricing. Although shipping parts is not his main business he is willing to help out members of his favorite club.  Click here to E-mail Jeff.

Tennies Hardware.  This sponsor and  long-time Simplicity dealer is also one of the very largest dealers in the country.  In addition to the advantage of 1-800 toll-free phone lines, Tennies Hardware is also physically quite close to the Simplicity plant, in addition to the plants for all the engine manufacturers.   

Sandy Lake Implement.  Especially if you have a tractor that's unique to Allis-Chalmers (such as a 300 or 400 series) you may want to start with Sandy Lake, our newest advertiser.  They've been an Allis dealer since 1954 and know more about these old AC-unique tractors than anyone I've come across.  They're also a Simplicity Lawn and Garden dealer, and even sell used parts too . . .

Edens Limited and Repower Engineering.  Al Eden is also one of earliest club members.  He's a long-time Simplicity dealer with one of the largest parts inventories in the Midwest at Edens Limited.  Another division of his company, Repower Engineering, provides complete engine replacement kits for placing new OHV and OHC engines in older tractors, like the 7000 or 7100 series Simplicity, or equivalent Allis-Chalmers, among others.

CAUTION TO AC OWNERS:  Many (if not most) Simplicity OEM parts are painted Simplicity's shade of orange/red, and not the Allis-Chalmers colors ... 





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