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Allis-Chalmers Garden Tractors

Allis-Chalmers Yellow:  The correct shade of yellow for the Allis-Chalmers B-series has been an ongoing puzzle.  I've just now (July 2001) confirmed through official dealer documentation that at least three colors of yellow were used.

Browse the source of some of this information in the brochure below.  Cal Neely has loaned me this brochure and Van Evener will analyze the paint samples to come up with the appropriate formulas.  The brochure itself is yellowing with age, and scanning it only makes that more pronounced.  The B-1 paint information is from Dealer Product Information, courtesy of Del Allen.

Color Part # Description Application
#1, for  B-1 Only 921285 Yellow Paint, Quart For B-1 Tractor
921286 Yellow Paint, Gallon For B-1 Tractor
921289 Yellow Paint, Spray Can For B-1 Tractor
#2, Old Yellow 922983 Yellow Paint, Quart Early B-10 & Big Ten, for sure, and most likely for late B-10 and B-12
922984 Yellow Paint, Gallon Early B-10 & Big Ten, for sure, and most likely for late B-10 and B-12
931731 Yellow Paint, Spray Can Early B-10 & Big Ten, for sure, and most likely for late B-10 and B-12
#3, New Yellow 925105 Yellow Paint, Quart B-206, 207, 208, 210, 212, and most likely for B-110 and B-112
925110 Yellow Paint, Gallon B-206, 207, 208, 210, 212, and most likely for B-110 and B-112
925108 Yellow Paint, Spray Can B-206, 207, 208, 210, 212, and most likely for B-110 and B-112
Brochure: Allis-Chalmers Original Equipment Machinery Enamel, date unknown, courtesy of Calvin Neely of Yankee Sales & Service, East Woodstock, CT

While I'm not sure exactly when they changed from one shade to another, one dealer seems to remember it was during the B-110/112 production.  B-1s are their own unique shade.  The older B-series (Big Ten, B-10 and B-12) are Old Yellow (shade #2, and the later B-series (B-208/210/212) are definitely the New Yellow.  B-110s and B-112s may be (not sure) in either color.  The old shade is "yellower," while the new shade is a deeper, darker color, more along the lines of John Deere Construction Yellow. 

David J. Sigmund of East Sparta, Ohio, had the paint chips color analyzed on his B-112 and provided the following information regarding the AC B-series paint:

The paint code for PPG base-coat/clear-coat paint is MBC 3274 (Prophet Formula), color is BRIGHT YELLOW. Any PPG dealer should be able to reproduce this color or convert it to acrylic enamel, if that's what you choose to use.  The specific formula for 1 Pint follows:

Code Color Cumulative Parts
M114 YELLOW 40.0 40.0
M113 YELLOW 63.6 23.4
M119 WHITE 127.0 63.6
M115 YELLOW 276.5 149.5
M150 CLEAR 553.1 276.6
Based upon his photos in the Labor of Love story in the Gallery, and others who have had paint mixed using this formula, I think this is the formula for Old Yellow.  This seems to confirm the dealer's recollection above, that some B-110s/112s were the Old Yellow, while some were the New Yellow.  I wonder if the color changed when manufacturing shifted from the Simplicity plant in Port Washington, WI to the Allis-Chalmers plant in Lexington, SC? The puzzle continues....can you help solve it?

Allis-Chalmers Cream:  There appear to be two shades of this paint also used.

For the B-series, it was more an off-white, and much lighter and whiter than the Cream described below.  I'm still trying to confirm a good paint code, but I've personally used Duplicolor-brand automotive touch-up paint, in Wimbleton White, and been satisfied with the color match (at least for matching old, and perhaps faded dashboards).  Part numbers from the brochure linked above are:

921545 Cream Paint, Quart For B-10 and Big Ten (for sure) and likely for the remainder of the B series
921097 Cream Paint, Spray Can For B-10 and Big Ten (for sure) and likely for the remainder of the B series

For the 300 Series and later.  This cream was used with the orange tractors, while the B-series used the lighter shade above.  This Allis-Chalmers cream is still available through the dealers and aftermarket, similar to the corporate orange below. 

Allis-Chalmers Orange:  Used on 300 Series and later.  The color is Corporate Orange, as shown on the linked brochure, above, and is available through the dealers or most agricultural supply companies.  Do NOT confuse this color with Persian Orange, which was used on agricultural tractors.  See the Links page for some supply companies with on-line catalogs or to locate your local Agco dealer.

Simplicity Garden Tractors

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