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Sources for Decals
Allis Chalmers Decals


David J. Sigmund of East Sparta, Ohio, also provided the following source for  AC B-series garden tractor aftermarket replacement decals.  According to David, "They are an aftermarket vinyl decal that has a look identical to the OEM decals.  After applying them to my tractor I was very pleased with the outcome.  Mark Wells is your contact.  He is a very nice person and very helpful."  Note that Dave's show tractor is in the Gallery in the "Labor of Love" story.

Wells Implement (decals page)
ATTN: Mark Wells
P.O. Box 126
320 East Main Street
Plymouth, NE 68424
phone (402) 656-4435


Scott Salmons, another club member has also identified the following source for old AC garden tractor decals.  Scott obtained both B-10 and B-12 decals from:

Norm Steinman
212 So. Main St.
Bourbon, IN  46504

I've verified that Norm has decals for B-1, B10 [both Bee logo & B-10 hood decal], Big Ten, B-110, B-112, HB-112, B-210, B-212, HB-212,  He also has 720 and 620 hood decals, plus WheelHorse and AC "big" tractor parts and decals.  Also available are B-1 grille screens.


Simplicity Decals


Several people are selling Simplicity decals on eBay.  You may want to check there first.  (Allis-Chalmers decals are often available on eBay also.)
Tom Raitt has decals for Broadmoor 707 and 717 models and their corresponding mower decks. 

Click each picture for a closer view

Click here to email Tom

Gene Beenenga, yet another club member has 9020 PowrMax decals, available as a complete set or individually.  Click here to E-mail him...


Classic Ag has an online catalog of AC "big tractor" decals, nameplates and AC logos.  Some of them may fit your needs.  Click here to visit their site. 




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