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Tiller Drive #1
Tiller Drive #2
Housing, Type 1
Housing, Type 2
Hitch Gp., HD
Housing Gp, HD

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Exploded Parts Diagrams for Rotary Tillers
Allis-Chalmers Attachments for B-1, B-10, B-12, BIG TEN, B-110 and B-112 Wheel Tractors

Use this section to find the correct part number for A-C rotary tiller parts.  You can "convert" these part numbers to Simplicity part numbers using the Parts X-Reference.  To see how to assemble, attach and operate these tillers, see the Owner's Manual.

TINES, 32" Rotary Tiller, (2025007, 2025076, 2029905) Tines

tines.jpg (46178 bytes)

Tiller Drives 
i.e. Rear Power Take-Offs (PTOs)

TILLER DRIVE, Type 1, 32" Rotary Tiller, (2025007, 2025076) for B-1 through B-12 Tiller Drive #1

2025007.jpg (49164 bytes)

TILLER DRIVE, Type 2,  32" Rotary Tiller, Tiller Drive #2

2029905.JPG (46174 bytes)

32" Rotary Tiller

TILLER HOUSING, 32" Rotary Tiller, 1st Type, (2025007) Housing, Type 1

housing_1st.jpg (42204 bytes)

TILLER HOUSING, 32" Rotary Tiller, 2nd Type, (2025007) Housing, Type 2

housing_2nd.jpg (47062 bytes)

32" Heavy Duty Rotary Tiller
2025076, 2029905

HOUSING GROUP, 32" Heavy Duty Tiller, (2025076, 2029905) Housing Gp. HD

housing_group.jpg (33484 bytes)

HITCH GROUP, 32" Heavy Duty Tiller, (2025076, 2029905) Hitch Gp., HD

hitch_gp_hd.jpg (49271 bytes)





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